As with the four major sports in the U.S., trading is the common way to build a franchise. Free agency on the other hand still opens the door to the power of spending giving more options beyond wheeling and dealing with your own roster.  The argument here is, namely European football, big teams with deep pockets are simply set amongst the leaders in football simply due to buying power. Imagine the parity we’d enjoy if there wasn’t the perennial top 4 in English football.  The battle between lesser known clubs and the superpowers of football would see more of a balance if just simple buying a player wasn’t the way to do it.  Transfers between teams via trade have shown to be a positive affect on American sport since the beginning of major competition in North America, as we know it. Little do we see teams be able to purchase a championship in North America as we see teams do in Football. Teams like Real Madrid building what they call Los Galacticos (The Superstars) in a mere summer of big signings backed with outrageous inflated transfer fees. Wouldn’t it be nice to see some negotiation beyond dollars and cents to more-less skill for skill through the transfer process. Imagine the proposed deals we’d see – Ronaldo traded not purchased – for equal talent from the opposite side.

If being able to spend big bucks comes into play, free agency is where those larger teams can flex their spending power.  Having a definitive time in which free agency opens to sign big name players that are to be available within a specific time frame would be a fair challenge. All I believe is trading within the transfer season would be a breath of fresh air – and fresh competition –  to see what smaller clubs could do in regards to building within a budget through a ‘player for player’ deal.  80 million-pounds, Ronaldo…please.