This time last year, Hull City was gearing up for its first season in the top flight. The Tigers’ fans had waited over 100 years for this moment and it had finally arrived.

He look's a lot like Hugh Laurie from House. Just not as talented.

He look's a lot like Hugh Laurie from House. Just not as talented.

With a mixture of free agents and hungry young players keen to cut their teeth in the Premier League, manager Phil Brown managed to keep Hull up on the last day of the season, following Newcastle’s failure to win at Aston Villa.

Brown was hailed a hero and the fans of the East Yorkshire club thought that the hard  part was done.


Survival is merely the start, the second season has seen a number of teams that came up, go down, just ask the fans of Reading.

Twelve months on and the club’s position hasn’t really changed. Brown has the money to spend, but can’t sign the players.

But what most fans of the club won’t say is that it is arguably the most successful manager in the club’s history’s fault.

Brown is targeting all the wrong players, he is trying to compete for established Premier League players. They won’t risk coming to a club that could be relegated come what May.

Owen, Zamora, Fortune, Campbell. All of them have no desire to be fighting for survival when they have offers from other more established clubs.

The best option open to Brown would be to sign the best players in the Championship, all would come at reasonable prices and all would have something to prove.

They don’t have to benefit the club in the long term, just long enough for the Tigers to establish themselves as Premier League main-stayers, then the better players will be more likely to take an offer from Hull more seriously.

But It seems that Brown is becoming a desperate man, a man who is likely to become the first managerial casualty of the Premier League this season, because rather than looking at his options, he would rather argue the odds over the transfer windows.

Everyone knows that the transfer window system is a poor idea, which encourages panic buying and puts more money in agent’s pockets. But until that system is changed you just have to get on with it.

Source : A contributor from the Bleacher Report